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At Oklahoma Pain Center we believe in the team approach to managing chronic pain. This means we utilize the knowledge and skills of various healthcare specialists to ensure you receive the best and most complete treatment possible. This approach starts with your primary care physician who first examines you to determine the history and location of your pain, any previous treatments you have tried, how well you cope with pain, and any other factors that may currently be affecting your pain. People suffering from chronic pain may be referred to a pain specialist, like the physicians at Oklahoma Pain Center. Once you begin treatment, you may then be referred to various other specialists to create a multidisciplinary treatment team. These physicians work together to create and implement the best, well-rounded treatment plan for you.

Specialists who may be Involved

  • Primary Care Physician – A primary care physician is your family physician who initially examines you to determine if you have chronic pain.
  • Pain Specialist – Pain specialists treat people who suffer from pain related to a specific cause, diagnosing and treating the condition.
  • Neurologist – A neurologist will help to determine the cause of your pain and treatment by examining the nerves in you neck and spinal cord, muscle movement and strength, balance, and reflexes.
  • Orthopedist – Orthopedists ensure your bones and muscles are not injured by testing the movement in your head, shoulders, back, arms, and legs.
  • Psychologist – Because of the psychological effects of dealing with chronic pain such as depression and anger, a psychologist can help you to learn more about your pain experience and treat such effects.
  • Physical Therapist – A physical therapist helps you improve mobility, decrease pain, and reduce loss of function related to your injury or illness by using exercises, stretches, and other techniques.
  • Nutritionist – Nutritionists help keep you healthy which enables optimum pain management and healing by teaching you about food/nutrition and the impact it has on your on health.
  • Occupational Therapist – Occupational therapists assess how pain affects your ability to perform job duties and help you maintain and/or regain your work skills as well as work with your employer to find and remove anything in your work space that may cause accidents or injury.
  • Pharmacist – Pharmacists educate you about your medications, identify possible medication side effects, review your medications regularly to ensure there are no safety issues, and monitor whether you are following your treatment plan.
  • Social Worker – A social worker works with physicians to address barriers to treatment, including possibility of addiction, insurance issues, child/family care, or transportation and may provide information about community resources.
  • Nurse – Nurses assist in providing care and helping you follow your treatment plan by making communication easier between the members of your multidisciplinary treatment team and between you and the specialists treating you.

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